MCFC Junior Football Program

The MCFC Junior Football Program aims to deliver the best junior programs in our region, catering for specific needs by designing and delivering fit-for-purpose developmental experiences which result in different activity streams.  Our Streams approach is based on the concepts of participation. 

All kids play to have fun and learn, both equally. But as we know, kids learn and have fun in different ways, hence the different participation style. 

Our vision is to become a destination club for young players and coaches alike, fostering an environment where everyone can reach their full potential. 

Our Mission To provide the highest quality football development for young, talented players within the Melbourne community. Through football, we aim to leave a positive and lasting impact on the lives of our players, their families, and our coaches.

Our Values

Player-Centred Approach

Every decision is guided by its impact on player development. We place the growth and

progress of our players at the forefront of all our endeavours.

Integrity and Transparency

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity. Our actions are characterised by

honesty and transparency, even in situations where it may lead to challenges.

Role Models

We aspire to be positive role models, embodying the values that define us. With a keen

awareness of our capabilities, we go above and beyond to fulfill our mission and purpose.

Pursuit of Excellence

We continuously look to improve, striving for excellence through a commitment to

achieving the highest possible standards.

MCFC Junior Football Streams

Play Stream

PLAY Stream encompasses players who want to develop and learn at their own pace with dedication and enthusiasm.

Girls Stream

A dedicated stream allowing Girls to play with other girls and develop their love of Football at their own pace. 

Challenge Stream

Progressive increase of complexity, with higher stakes for players as they grow. Ideal for high potential players who are passionate about football and want to be challenged to their best.  

Junior NPL

MCFC’s Junior National Premier League Stream offers players the oppotunity to

compete at the highest junior leagues in Victoria.