NPL Program

MCFC’s Junior National Premier League (JNPL) consists of four teams (Under 14,15,16,18) competing in the highest leagues in Victoria.

We adhere to the youth development practices, including the implementation of the

National Curriculum as required by Football Australia. Coach accreditation criteria, including the appointment of a Technical Director, is also part of that requirement.

However, at MCFC we are committed to taking our programs beyond the basic

requirements to become so much more.

Player Development and Personal Growth

We take pride in our reputation for providing comprehensive sporting education. This

extends beyond technical skills and game understanding; it encompasses instilling core

values, strengthening mental resilience, and nurturing character traits. Our aim is to

empower children to grow into intelligent, determined individuals who excel not only in

football but also in any endeavour they choose to pursue.

Empowering Lives Through Football

We aim to enrich the lives of our young players through the beautiful game, imparting skills, insights, and values that transcend the field and resonate in their broader life journey.

To accomplish this, we equip them with the tools and abilities to navigate not only the world of football but also lifes challenges.