Play Stream

Within the MCFC Junior Program, the PLAY Stream encompasses players who want to develop and learn at their own pace with dedication and enthusiasm. 

They are committed and disciplined, enjoying their love for football in a stress-free environment. This is achieved by forming teams with like-minded mentalities and objectives while providing them with the necessary support to achieve their goals.

The PLAY Stream seeks to cater for the players that:

  • Are passionate about the game.
  • Enjoy pushing themselves to improve and compete.
  • Want to be a part of a positive and safe environment, with support and encouragement as opposed to pressure and demands.
  • Understand that football requires them to be committed.
  • Value a disciplined and focused approach to the sport.
  • May have other interests and activities in life that are also important.
  • Place a strong value on the friendships and relationships made with teammates and families.
  • Need to develop at their own pace. 

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Play Stream teams operate under the following principles:

  • 2 training sessions per week plus Sunday matches via FV competition.
  • Volunteer coaches.
  • Supervision by the Play Stream Football Coordinator - Peter Tzambasis who designs the program and supports  volunteer coaches. 
  • Organised and disciplined training environment, with only players and coaches allowed on the pitch both in training and matches (parents encouraged to stay behind fences and give the teams room).
  • Implementation and adherence to a Code of Conduct in which commitment, respect and discipline are promoted, together with a community-oriented mindset in which everyone contributes and helps with tasks big and small around the Club. 
  • Cost effective fees.