The MCFC Challenge Stream

The Challenge Stream provides a progressive increase of complexity, with higher stakes for players as they grow. Ideal for high potential players who are passionate about football and want to be challenged to their best.  

Program Features

  • Holistic mentality: we look at the whole person, not just the player. We want to help kids become great people who are great at playing football.  
  • Individual Approach: we plan for each players’ personal development, always within the Team setting and the Game environment.
  • Style of Play and Training Methodology best suited to player learning and improvement.


The MCFC Challenge Stream runs from October to September, with a break in Summer (Dec-Jan). 

Players are required to attend:

  • 2 sessions per week for Under 7 to Under 9 teams.
  • 3 sessions per week for Under 10 to Under  13 teams.
  • Matches (official or friendly) and tournaments as required.